You are needed!! Yes, in Seng Huat Bean Curd, every staff is the asset of the company, every staff is as precious as a diamond to Seng Huat! Without the loyalty of all our staffs that have stick with us, gone thru the ups and downs in the early days, Seng Huat won’t be able to make it till now! And also in order to keep on growing and competing in the strong bean curd industry in Singapore and Asian countries, we will never stop injecting new bloods, training staffs sending them for management & psychology upgrading courses. Seng Huat is a big stage for all kind of people, you are always welcome to join us! We will do our best to put you in at any position that we think suits you best. Join our team, grow with us, we believe the world is our stage! Seng Huat create a great career for everyone from all nationalities based on your capabilities! Be one of our Seng Huat great performer! And we shall perform the best show and present it to the world!


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